Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday, March, 17 2009

Today, I woke up at 7am. Jumped out of bed and begun to get ready.  After a few minutes I realized that it was not 7am but 7:30 am!  I rushed and got ready for school and grabbed the gear and ran out of the house, jumped into the car and headed towards school at a vigorous pace.  Arriving just after class started.  Jeremy and myself taught two archery classes.  I then walked up to the Austin building to attend my Soils class, where we took a chapter 9 quiz and watched a group presentation, and then watched a cool video about the Brookland Bridge.  how it was constructed and the life of the builders.  After class Tyler Hatch and I went to McDonalds, I ordered three cheese burgers plain.  Very much enjoyable in my stomach. 

At 2:30 I proceeded to locate a parking spot near my next class.  In Arch Landscape design, we did an exercise where we were we where given a drawing, an trace paper and we were given 15 minutes to trace it and color it.  Then we did again but only 12 minutes were given, then he lowered it again by half, at six minutes, then three and then one!  It was fun and interesting to see our tracings side by side.  

After class I left school and Headed home in hope to see my Wife, Leah.  
I caught her with a half hour before she had to go to work at 7 pm till 7 am.  
I really miss her while she is away.  

After she left, I went down to Downwind archery, where every Tuesday we shoot in a quarter league.  I had to shoot the ten ring, First time to have that goal.  I scored a +4. In this game. you start off by shooting two ends.  after thought two ends the shooter decides what his or her center will be.  Each end consist of shooting three arrows in the attempt to not miss outside of your center.  the player at the end of ten rounds is declared the winner.

Tomorrow consist of Archery, Safety, Family History, and Statics. also at 8:30 I have the privilege of join a team to make the path towards the Championship in the BYU-Idaho dodgeball league.  Good Night and soon the blog will be more of a weekly or monthly updates!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March, 16 2009

Hello, my name is Seth Bernard. I am a student at BYU-Idaho.  I have also been married to my wife, Leah, for almost 3 years now.  I love her so much, and my love for her grows with each day that passes.

I am studying Construction Management and hopefully will be done soon.  Leah, on the other hand, has been done with school for almost two years, and has been working as a Registered Nurse full time at a local hospital.  And, of course, our family wouldn't be complete without our cute cat named Cracker. She is all white and suspicious of visitors.

We have recently moved into a new home, located in Ririe, Idaho.  We have been here about a month and we're still unpacking! The house is on a small plot of land and Leah is excited to plant her first garden this spring. 

I have been working for BYU-Idaho the past few years as an Archery Technician.  This is where I help students learn the art of archery, and also with their equipment.  

Today in my Family History class, we discussed journals, family remembrances and helping our ancestors as they help us.  We were challenged to start writing.  I have decided to start entering important excerpts in this blog.  

I'm really excited to start my new project. Soon, I will start adding pictures and videos to help capture my history. By doing this, I hope to bring genealogy alive for my posterity.